The Great Lakes USA Tour – Discovering the Real America

By Ed
Jul 7th, 2016

13567277_1216466158397399_2668349651653122478_nI have just had the most fantastic trip of my life across mid-west America… I started in Chicago and travelled to the towns of Rochford, Galena, Moline, Springfield, Indianapolis and finally back for 4 days to Chicago.  I went hot air ballooning over the great Mississippi River, I drove an IndyCar at the famed racing capital of the world – the Indy circuit in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I took a helicopter ride over Chicago, visited the most amazing theatres and museums which included a Dinosaur called Jane and million year old fossils..   We departed Chicago on Interstate 90 for the lovely town of Rochford – the highlights there are the Frank Llyod Wright Laurent House – – Contact Susan Meyers/Barnes – The 12th Century style Japanese Gardens ranked as one of the top Japanese gardens in North America – – The amazing Coronado theatre is a MUST SEE –  For anyone who would like a ready-made itinerary, I am happy to share it here with you – just email me directly at …..  I can safely say that this was a trip of a lifetime…. If you want to experience the REAL America and the incredible city of Chicago then follow in my footsteps and you’ll have a wonderful experience…..

A huge thanks to Toby McCarrick and Gail Orr for looking after us so well in the US and to Fiona Pettitt and Yolanda Fletcher in the UK for making it all possible….  The website for the Great Lakes USA is

You can listen here to my three podcasts from the features on The Saturday Live Show with Carol Dooley on Dublin’s Sunshine Radio  – Also watch out for my two page feature in The Sunday World in a few weeks……

The Great lakes USA Tour with Ed Finn as he travels across mid-west America….

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